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At Klewel we love to help you save the knowledge and gain more visibility by webcasting your events online.
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Interested in renting Triskel Capture Station? Now, you can!

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After a couple of on-site meetings with partners, we realized at Klewel that webcasting might not be so easy to define to some, as it is for us. Let’s take a second and think about what webcasting means for you. Streaming something online from an event? A continuous live video transmitted online? It seems too complicated to even answer? What does streaming actually mean? Well, it might seem hard to define, but it is actually very simple. Webcasting your events with Klewel means one simple thing. Saving knowledge. Clean and simple. Now, how do we do that? The only thing that you need to know is how it will look on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, or whereever viewers would like to watch it, because it is available on all devices and platforms. It will be a user-friendly interface with video of the presenter along with the slides (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.) that he/she is presenting:

All the slides are visible on the bottom of the interface, so you can jump to any of the slides you would like to watch right away, without having to wait 2 hours, before the speaker gets to it. Because we know that nobody has 2 hours to waste on something they are not interested in. Do you not know which slide you want to watch? No problem, you can search in the presentation and our engine will find all the slides where the searched item is mentioned. Click on it, and it will take you to that part of the webcast. It works like your favorite search engine.

Now, did you already know all this? If you are one of our clients, then you know this, or you may be an audio-visual agency or a multimedia expert and familiar with webcasting. What you did not know, however, is that with Triskel Capture station, once the capturing is finished, it will take you a couple of minutes instead of a couple of days or weeks to publish a webcast. How? Thanks to our Triskel webcasting platform. It is a fully automated system, where our newly developed software does all the work for you. Therefore, the only manual editing it needs is to pick out the relevant webcasts, possibly remove unwanted slides, trim the beginning or the end of the video, if needed, edit the title of each talk and press publish.

Triskel webcasting platform

Triskel webcasting platform

To make it more attainable for AV agencies Triskel Capture Station is now available for rent. You have an event coming up with presentations that involve speakers presenting with slides, but you know it involves too much manual editing without our system? Now, you can rent the Capture Station, we send it to you, you capture the event, Triskel does all the work for you and once you are done, you send it back to us. Clean and simple. Did I already use those terms? I did, because it’s how we work.

I asked Maël Guillemot, the managing director of Klewel, about this new renting service:

Maël: “With the release of Triskel v1.0 in January of this year, which has been developed to be very user-friendly, AV agencies specialized in events such as conferences find it easy to use for capturing and publishing online. With this kind of products, it is always important to take a deeper look at how the technology works, being so new and innovative. To introduce the Capture Station, we now propose to rent it out. This way, AV agencies can have a first-hand experience in using Triskel Capture Station. As an AV professional, you can be interested in using it for a specific conference. You have one next month? Simply call us. We can rent out the Triskel Capture Station to Audiovisuals professonials, you can try it, see how well it works, being so easy to use, how it saves time and energy, and ultimately helps earn money. The whole idea behind it is that even if we personally cannot be at every event all over the world, Triskel Capture Station can.”

If you are an AV agency with an upcoming event to webcast, we can help you. Or if you are an international organization looking to webcast your event and looking for an end-to-end service managed by Klewel, we have solutions for everyone. Clean and simple.

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